How to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally, Prevent Graying,Vitamins for Gray Hair

Normally gray hair will be a sign of graceful aging but it is surely not always welcome. Contrary to the popular the popular belief that gray hair is a sign of old age, it is now common to spot even young healthy people with strands of gray hair.  While some embrace gray hair, many others face it with difficulty and wound do just about anything to prevent or get rid it. Are there ways to prevent and get rid of gray hair naturally?

Already as we know the gray hair are signs of the aging of people just like wrinkles and it is something that people try to hide or avoid as they feel they have reached the stage of the elderly.If you were one of those people that already appeared those annoying white hair reads this very carefully so that it eliminates them of natural form from your own house.

Why do gray hairs appear? First of all it appears in older people, but this can also be caused by a genetic issue. There are people who even before the age of 30 already have their first gray hair and that is already somewhat uncomfortable. One of the factors also already very common to lead an unhealthy life little exercise poor nutrition and also stress.

Now I’ll leave you some Natural Dyes To Hide And Decrease The Canes (Gray hair)


Another method for covering gray hair and restoring your natural hair color is to use tea. Black teas work best for darker hues, chamomile for blondes, and rooibos for redheads.

Once a week, steep 3 to 5 teabags in two cups of boiling water and allow it to cool before applying it to your clean, wetted hair. For easier application, try mixing it with conditioner. Leave it in for a least one hour, and bear in mind that the longer it’s in your hair, the more intense the color will be. When your gray hair has absorbed the color of the tea, the mixture can be rinsed out.

***Make sure to rinse your hair in cool water. Hot water will leach color from hair faster than colder water.***


what magnolia does is unify the color of your hair so hiding the gray hair the way you use it is a cup of boiled water pour a spoonful of magnolia and let it rest until it is warm, then spread on clean hair.

How to Cover Gray Hair with Henna

Henna is naturally made from the leaves of the lawsonia plant. It can be safely used at home without damaging, drying or chemically changing the structure of hair. It also binds keratin to your hair making it strong and reducing breakage. It comes in a range of colors


2 tablespoons of henna powder
1 tablespoon of yogurt
1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds
3 tablespoons of coffee
2 tablespoons of basil
3 tablespoons of mint juice
Mix all the ingredients above to get a paste with a smooth but not runny consistency. Apply the paste to your hair and allow it to sit for 2-3 hours before washing off. Do this regularly to effectively cover gray hair.Henna dye gradually wears off in a period of 8-12 weeks.


Sage is especially for brown hair is very good for covering the gray hair how to use this dye in a handful of sage with another of black tea in half a liter of distilled water you can use immediately after washing your hair , You can use this every time you wash your hair until you are happy with the darkening of your gray hairs.

Coconut oil and avocado

Apart from that vegetable fat will give you more vitality and leave you your hair more healthy is an excellent mask to cover your gray hairs what you should do is to mix the avocado with coconut oil and place it well is your hair You could pass a brush so that it covers well all your hair and put a warm towel on your hair and leave for twenty minutes and then remove

If your hair is dark, take advantage of the rosemary, besides darkening your gray hair will help strengthen the roots of your scalp, the way to apply it is half a tablespoon of rosemary per liter of water you can throw it in a sprayer and throw it daily until The hair will grow dark.

Turmeric and chamomile

These two products are mainly for light or blond hair, the form you should use would be four spoons of chamomile and one of turmeric per half liter of water what they will do in your hair is to highlight the color blond and decreasing The hairs of your hair.

Onion juice

Onion juice for gray hair is one of most unusual natural ways to get rid of gray hair. Even weirder is the fact that there are lots of scientific studies that have been done to prove and support this remedy for gray hair reversal. It is a rich source of minerals and nutrients such as biotin and sulfur which are very essential for healthy, shiny and strong hair growth.

Peel enough onions and extract the juice using a blender or a juicer. Apply the juice onto your hair and scalp and leave it for 40 minutes to 1 hour.
Alternatively, you can grate onions and massage the resultant paste to your hair. Allow it to sit to 45 minutes before washing off
Note that onions have a pungent smell, you can add in sandalwood or rum to mask the smell. It is advisable to do a skin test to rule out any allergies to onions.

Potato Skins

The next time you peel your potatoes, save the skins to make a natural, hair-darkening dye. The starches in the potato peel act as a colorant that will slowly darken gray hair.

Boil two cups of water with one cup of potato skins for at least 25 minutes, strain out the peels and let the potato water cool down. It won’t smell very nice, so you may want to add a few drops of essential oil to the mix.

Shampoo and condition your hair as normal, parting your hair into several sections. You can pour the liquid directly on the hair sections or use a small hair dyeing brush to saturate each section. Rinse hair with cool water and repeat the process regularly until you get the desired look.

Vitamins for Gray Hair

While gray hair is largely due to less melanin pigment, a healthy lifestyle has also been found to be very important in prevention of premature graying and also slowing down the processes of oxidation stress that come with aging. It is very important to note it takes several minerals and vitamins to play support the natural processes of hair pigmentation and healthy hair growth. Taking multivitamin supplements is one of the things you can if you are concerned about premature graying. Here are some of the most beneficial vitamins for gray hair

Vitamin B12 Maintains Natural Hair Color

The deficiency of vitamin B12 is called pernicious anemia and one of the symptoms is hair graying. Generally, the B vitamins play a special role in maintaining the natural color of hair and stimulate its healthy growth. Deficiency may be either due to poor intake or poor absorption. According to Dr. Alan Green, a professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, a nutritional deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause graying even in children. The RDI for vitamin B12 is 2.4mg per day.

Vitamin C to Prevent Premature Graying

Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that help to stop free radical damage. According to, free radicals are responsible for causing damage inside the body and also accelerate the process of aging. Antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C help to slow down aging processes such as graying. Eat lot of leafy greens, whole grains and citrus fruits to meet the daily needs of vitamin C in your body.

How to Get Rid of Gray Hair Permanently

Are there ways to get rid of gray hair for good? Graying is considered normal with age, but I would not be surprised if someone was looking for how to get rid of gray hair permanently- it is not always welcome for everyone.

Most of the treatments that can be done at home as discussed above call for repeat use and it takes long to see the actual results. If the problem is not treated from the inside, you will soon see gray hairs sprouting from the roots. This is what has kept scientists trying to find out more permanent way to get rid of grey hair.

There have been numerous studies on how to reverse gray hair permanently. Scientists say that they will soon be able to reverse unwanted gray hair without surgery or damage. According to Gerald Weissman, M.D, Editor in Chief of the FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) Journal, for the first time, an actual treatment that gets to the root of gray hair has been developed.

This is on the basis of a study that was conducted on the use of peudo-catalase on vitiligo patients. It was found out that when activated with sunlight, the pigmentation of eyelashes was restored. This is same concept that could be used to get rid of gray hair forever.

gray hair

Tips on How to Get Rid of Gray Hair

  • Avoid cigarette smoking. Those who smoke are four times more likely to grow gray hair. Smoking speeds up the aging of the cells and body organs.
  • Your diet should be well balanced with more intake of vitamin B complex. Vitamin B 12 and B 6 are essential in ensuring your hair pigmentation.
  • Exercises and good lifestyle free from stress not only makes you look younger but also fasten the supply of nutrients up to the hair follicles, similarly to elimination of waste products.
  • Always use a conditioner to moisturize your grey hair to make it look tonic, soft and shiny. Hair that has no melanin is said to be tough and coarser.
  • Not always, grey is negative, sometimes it can be a sign of good health. According to the study a boar with significant grey hair is said to be the healthiest.
  • Gray hair shampoo can be used but not daily. Shampoo cleans and removes the yellow brasses from the gray hair. Use them carefully since blue and purple shampoos for grey hair can stain the shower.
  • Avoid harsh chemical products since they not only risk you to cancer but also are can lead to hair recession.
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