Anti-Inflammatory Juices To Reduce And Heal Tendonitis, Joint And Arthritis Pain

Everyone who experienced joint pain, tendonitis, and arthritis-related pains knows that it can be quite painful. You may experience difficulties in walking and performing your daily activities.

Reducing inflammation is the most effective way to treat your joint pain because inflammation can only increase your pain related to joint issues and tendonitis.

Although inflammation is a natural process, chronic inflammation will increase the duration and intensity of your pain.

For that purpose, we have natural methods that will help you get rid of the terrible pain. We have 3 juice recipes that will ease your tendonitis and joint pains.

They are made of fresh fruits and vegetables that have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Check them out!

  1. Golden Sun Juice

Due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties, this juice is very useful for people who suffer from joint pain, tendonitis, or any arthritis-related pain.

It is prepared from ingredients that have anti-inflammatory effects and nutrients that can improve your digestive system and cleanse the liver, while reducing inflammation.

Needed Ingredients:

½ pineapple

2 yellow bell peppers

4 ribs of celery

½ lemon

1-inch piece of ginger root


You should remove the skin and core the pineapple. Peel the lemon and deseed the bell peppers. Cut up all the ingredients and put them through the juicer.

  1. Inflammation-Soothing Juice

This juice is very easy to prepare. It is made of 4 ingredients. Besides being extremely delicious, it is significantly beneficial for reducing inflammation.

Due to its rich content of vitamin K, Kale can improve blood circulation, thus reducing chronic inflammation.

Needed Ingredients:

½ pineapple

10-12 big kale leaves

1 cucumber

½ lemon


Just put all the ingredients through your juicer. That is it! Enjoy your juice!

  1. Strawberry-Apple Delight

Strawberries are packed with antioxidants that can reduce inflammation while lime will boost the nutrients in this juice.

Needed Ingredients:

2 large Fuji/Gala apples

3 cups of whole strawberries

1 lime


Peel the lime and wash the apples and strawberries. You can include strawberry leaves in your juice because they are nutritious as well. This recipe is also suitable to be prepared into a smoothie.

Tendonitis is a painful condition. Even though there are many topical treatments which can reduce joint pain and tendonitis, the best thing to you should do is to reduce the inflammation. In this way, you will get to the root of the problem.

All of these recipes have strong anti-inflammatory properties and can effectively reduce your pain, thus accelerate your healing.

It is recommended to drink 1-2 servings on a daily basis until you eliminate your joint pain or tendonitis.

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