Remove Dirt And Darkness From Your Neck In Just 20 Minutes


Learn How to Remove Dirt ,Darkness from your Neck

You should realize that not only the cleaning of the face is important but that cleaning of the Neck is important as well due to the fact that the skin there is really sensitive and soft. You can clean your neck at home with following these 3 steps:

First step is steaming and here you should find a small towel and to dip that towel into warm water and after that to squeeze the extra water from the towel and around your neck to wrap it up and to keep it like that for around 5 minutes. This way the skin pores will be open and it will moisturize your skin. Because of the steam, the accumulated dead skin and dirt will be eliminated.

The second step is exfoliation and here you should take one teaspoon of salt, three teaspoons of coconut oil and one teaspoon of baking soda and to mix all of them into a cup. You should know that in the oil the baking soda and the salt will not dissolve. Apply the received mixture on your neck and massage the area with gently movements for around 5 minutes.

The third and last step is whitening and here you should make whitening paste out of one spoon of Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth), cup of raw milk, juice of one lemon and one spoon of sandal wood powder. Mix all mentioned ingredients in a small bowl and you should receive light yellow paste at the end. Apply the received paste on your neck and leave it like that so it can act for around 10 minutes. After this you will have bright and clean neck.

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Remove Dirt and Darkness Neck


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